Mission: Southtown

Mission: Southtown
Location: Quail Run
Date: May XX, 2016
Time: Check-In opens at 5PM, “Game On!” at 6PM (if players are ready) and “End Exercise” at 10PM. We try to have everything cleaned up and all players have left by 10:30 PM.
Cost: $20 per player
Liability Waiver: –>CLICK HERE<--
Synopsis: Tensions are rising as local drug cartels have been increasing the flow of contraband into The United States. Violence has erupted in border towns all along the US/Mexico border as cartels have become more desperate to move their product.

The Department of Homeland Security and the Mexican Border Patrol have deployed dozens of task forces along the border to regain stability and contain the violent outbreaks caused by cartels.

Green Team: Join forces with the cartels and move contraband across national borders. Help in the resistance against US imperialism and smuggle illicit goods onto US soil and then smuggle money or weapons back across the border. Trading narcotics directly for weapons is also fine if it is easier to do so. Your primary objective will be to sneak and evade the border patrol, ambush border patrols, search and rescue fellow team members who have been taken prisoner and even some surprise raids.

Tan Team: Join forces with the US and Mexican Border Patrol to snuff out the crime rings of the cartels. Your primary objectives will be to patrol the US/Mexico border, search and seize and and all drugs, weapons and money that may be flowing between countries. It is your job to restore the rule of law and as such you may not fire unless fired upon.

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