Infantry players are one of the most important parts of our events and account for about 60% of our player base. Infantry usually get the most action because they are always at the front lines meeting other teams to battle it out with. They often work in large numbers because teamwork is a key element to their effectiveness.

One of the reasons these players are so common is because their gear is the most common and easy to afford.
Most players start off with the basic gear needed to play an airsoft game and then build it out as they progress.

Z87+ Rated full-seal goggles
Automatic Electric Gun – commonly referred to as an AEG
Battery or Batteries
Biodegradable BBs

The more experienced players might have a bit more gear like:

Knee Pads
– 2 piece MilSimUSA recognized camouflage pattern
– Boots
Tac Vest or Plate Carrier with:
Mag pouches
Hydration Carrier
Dump pouch
Speed loader
BattleTac App

If you would like to help us to create more relevant and dynamic game scenarios for Infantry, please take a moment to fill out this form.