Game Scenario Generator

Welcome to The MilSimUSA Game Scenario Generator! This is an updated project that we started last year to get some more interaction from our player base to see what type of game scenarios you would all like to play.

This is an ongoing project to be able to create the most dynamic game scenarios for our players and it’s all based on what YOU as a community want to play.

The GSG will be in a constant state of change because we aren’t really sure how well this is going to work. We will need to make changes because some game types won’t work well with others but we will do all that we can to evolve this page into something that always adds value to the MilSimUSA community.

Please feel free to get started creating a game scenario for us. As soon as you submit your Game Scenario, we will receive an e.mail with all of the fields that you created and we can begin to add objectives to our scenarios.