– Q. What is required to play?


1. A signed liability waiver by you if you are 18+ or a waiver signed by your parent/legal guardian. We are HARD-LINED about this.

2. Z87+ Impact Rated Full-Seal Goggles. This is the single most important piece of field equipment that you use.

3. A MilSimUSA Ticket or $20 cash at the door.

You can find all of the details on required items over here at our ruleset page.

Other than that, you just need a gun that shoots 6mm BBs.


– Q. ” If I’m under 18 do I just need a parent/guardian to sign a waiver or do they need to actually play with me?”

– A.  Your parent/guardian can just sign a waiver for you. They do not need to play but they are more than welcome to join in if they feel like it.


– Q. “How old do I have to be in order to play?”

– A. In order to maintain a higher level of gameplay, we require all players to be at least 13 years old unless they are accompanied by a legal guardian (like a 13+ older sibling or parent) at the event or even on the field. If we have a personal relationship with you or your team or team leader, then we are also willing to make exceptions because we want to encourage younger payers to come play but if we feel that they are probably too young, you can always go play at Flat Acres Farm in Parker.


– Q. “Can I help design a game scenario?”

– A. “Yes, you absolutely can! Visit our Game Scenario Generator and help us create more creative scenarios, objectives, player roles and even some rules.


– Q. “Are Bio BBs required to play at MilSimUSA events?”

– A. Yes. All MilSimUSA events require the use of Biodegradable BBs to promote a responsible standard across the entire airsoft and milsim industry.


– Q. “If I sign a waiver to play at FAF, does that waiver transfer over to Quail Run?”

– A. No. You will need to sign a waiver each and every new year to play out at Quail Run. If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or legal guardian to sign on your behalf.


– Q. What are your FPS limits?

– A. 550 for Sniper rifles, 450 for Designated Marksman Rifles, 450 for Squad Support Weapons and 400 for AEGs. Minimum engagement distances apply to all player roles. For more information on the complete and detailed rules of engagement and muzzle velocity limits, please visit our ruleset page.


– Q. “Did you guys find a ____________ on the field? I lost mine at your last event.”

– A. We clean up and leave as quickly as possible after our events have ended but the land owners usually find stuff all over the field and gives it to us. It might take us a little while to get lost items from the land owners, but we are working on creating a better lost & found system put into place. Try to make your gear unique with stencils, decals, permanent markers, stickers, spraypaint, tape and anything else you think will help to identify your gear. Put your name on some of your stuff to make it super easy for us to help you get your lost gear back.


– Q. “The web site says that ticket sales have ended. Is the event sold out? Do you allow walk-ons?”

– A. We allow walk-ons unless the event specifically says otherwise. However, there is an additional $5 charge for players who do not register. We do this to incentivize players to simply sign up for an event so we can get a basic head count before the event. It’s free to register and payment is taken at the door.


– Q. “I accidentally signed up for the wrong team. Can you switch me to the other team with my friends?”

– A. We can absolutely switch you to the other team but it creates some small problems on our end so try not to sign up for an event unless you know that you can attend what team you will FOR SURE be playing on.


– Q. “Will basic items like BBs and Green Gas be sold at the event?”

– A. We do not currently have a merch table set up at every one of our events so it is best that you buy everything that you need before the event. Check out one of our long time event sponsors, Fox Airsoft to get all the gear you need.


– Q. “Is a full face mask required or is it up to the player if they choose to wear it?”

– A. Currently, full face protection is not required but is strongly suggested to keep your face and teeth safe from close engagements which happen a lot after nightfall.


– Q. “Does my entire uniform need to be all the same color?”

– A. Since a lot of players at our events are somewhat newer players we do not require a uniform. We give each player an arm band so players can identify each other on the field.