Colorado Airsoft Events

Let’s start off with the most important part of playing airsoft… SAFETY!
You absolutely must have 2 things in order to be able to play airsoft at Quail Run.

1. You must have a signed liability waiver. If you are under the age of 18 you will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for you. Quail Run waivers are good for one entire calendar year and will need to be renewed every year. You can click here to print & sign the waiver and bring it to the event. We also have these available on-site on game day.

2. You must have Full-Seal Z87+ Impact Resistant Goggles in order to play airsoft at Quail Run. These are goggles that seal a against your face so absolutely no BBs can make their way to your eyes. We strongly recommend using a mask that covers your entire face. Paintball masks are a great choice for protecting your face, eyes, ears and ever parts of your neck.

Even if you have already played a Mission out at Quail Run, it’s still a good idea to read this page because we change things a little bit from mission to mission and we want everyone to know as much as possible about the game before anyone arrives. This allows us to reduce the amount of stand-around time and more game time to learn more about our Colorado Airsoft Events.

Here’s the address of Quail Run. If you click the address below you will be taken to a detailed map of the field on Google maps:

6852 Quail Run Circle, Kiowa, CO  80117

Here’s the basic schedule for how these events are played and operate.

Admission: $20 per player payable at the door or a Quail Run MilSimUSA Ticket.

Age Requirements: 13+ please …unless we know you or your team leader.

Please help us create the most relevant possible game scenarios by filling out our Game Scenario Generator

5:00PM – 5:30PM – Show up, park in the designated parking area, check in, gear up, test fire and tune hop-up in the designated test fire area. Please have your liability waiver & payment ready so we can get everyone checked-in as quickly as possible and get to “GAME ON!” with the least number of snags.

5:30 PM – We begin to round up all of the players for the sponsor giveaways, field safety and mission briefings.

5:40 PM – We stop issuing prize tickets at check-in and begin the sponsor giveaways. Don’t be late or you’ll miss out on the free stuff :)

5:50 PM – The event host will read aloud a basic safety brief, rules of the event, code of conduct and the mission brief and then answer any questions. It is mandatory to be present for this.

6:00 PM – We take “The Mission Photo” as close to 6PM as possible so make sure to be here by 6 so you don’t miss out. After we have taken a group picture, both teams will take the field.

6:10 PM – Teams take the field and then gameplay starts when both teams are in the starting position and we give the signal over comms. DON’T BE LATE or you’ll miss out on the ACTION. All late arrivals will need to come find game staff to hand in your waiver and pay before you take the field. Game control and game staff should be on the radio on channel 1-0 (1 sub 0).

Since games at Quail Run operate approximately 6PM – 10PM they start with plenty of DAYLIGHT but end as NIGHT Missions so we encourage you to use flashlights, headlamps, tac-lights, night vision and anything else to make night navigation and gameplay better.

Each and every player will be given a RED glow stick to use as a dead rag for when it gets dark. You will often times get shot when you are walking back to respawn unless you are clearly marked as dead. You will still get hit sometimes when you aren’t in play. IT’S MILSIM, IT HAPPENS. Please keep your cool if this does happen and then move on with the game. Everything will be ok.

10:00 PM – End Exercise! All of the players meet up at the shack for a mission debrief. We discuss things that were good/bad about the event, things that the players want to see more/less of, who used teamwork to complete objectives along with a number of other game elements.

10:30 PM – Our goal for each of these events is to be cleaned up and have everyone cleared out by 10:30. If you did not drive yourself to the event please make sure that you have a ride arranged to come and pick you up at around 10PM.

That’s pretty much it. We’ll see you on the field.